Activities that we can suggest to you

Canoe trip on the Epte

The ideal experience to combine nature and sensation, something to delight nature lovers and sportsmen. Whatever path you take, you will dive into a course that winds its way through bright and varied plains.

The activity can be adapted to all levels by offering 3 routes from beginner to advanced.

The launch spot is 10 minutes from the castle.

Guided mountain bike ride

Stroll on the paths of Vexin to discover all its riches? Mountain biking is ideal for exploring the roads and paths that wind through this majestic valley and on the crests of the cliffs. So many surprises to savor in the National Nature Reserve of the slopes of the Seine!

The 5 senses walk

Re-discover your different senses in the heart of nature! A complete immersion activity around the 5 senses in a fun form (game, quiz, test). Throughout a course in the forest, your supervisor will introduce you to the plants, trees and fauna of our beautiful forests.

The Dream Catcher will serve as beacons to give rhythm to your walk, by testing your senses of smell, hearing, touch, taste and sight.

Lost Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt in the heart of the forest on the theme of the adventurers of LOST!

To spot the greatest adventurers, you must take up the challenge of finding the secret code via beacons scattered around the forest, allowing you to escape from the forest!

Botanical Adventure

Live better, eat better, watch and better understand this natural wealth that surrounds us.

The goal is to make participants aware of nutrition, care and the secrets of plants … To see and appreciate nature differently! A 100% nature activity with fun and challenging workshops to be taken up in teams.

Tai Chi / Yoga / Chi Gong

The ultimate “breathing” break!

An excellent way to regenerate, together, and to the sound of birds in the exceptional setting at your disposal.


A 100% nature activity in the heart of the forest!

Supervised by a coach, discover this sport in the open air and in the heart of nature.

Agility, precision and concentration are the hallmarks of this discipline.

« Sheets & Pencil » walk

This introductory drawing hike, supervised by your guide, allows you to easily learn how to make your own drawings on heritage and nature themes: you will successively approach different landscapes to « sketch » them in your own way.

The session can be done either in pencil or in watercolor.

All equipment is provided.

Mystery in the Château (indoor)

A mysterious investigation of which only you can unravel the intrigue …

What is this mystery that surrounds « Le Château d’Aveny »?

In teams, you will have to solve puzzles and win trials in order to collect as many clues as possible. You will (re) discover elements of French history, but above all you will participate in a unique interactive experience accompanied by our animators …

And that’s not all ! Contact Stéphanie to find out more about the activities we can offer you or organize your tailor-made activities that best match your team’s objectives: